LifeRoom ® Your Life. Your VIP Room.

West Coast Awning, Inc.
Life Room
  • LifeRoom, your Private Room.
  • 3" Insulated Roof with 8" Planks
  • Motorized Screen Shades
  • Outside Temp. 89° ~ Inside 69°
  • Maximum Projection 16'
  • Max. width recommended 38'
  • See details for Limited Warranty.

LifeRoom is a fully enclosed outdoor living space, customizable to your needs. LifeRoom isn't just a room... it is a total mind-body experience. With remote controlled Mood LED Lights, relax and enjoy your LifeRoom. Insulated roof blocks the hot or the cold from coming in. Cool Breeze System brings the temperature from an outside of 90° to 70° Inside temperature. With the State Of The Art Technology Cool Breeze System can reduce the temperature up to 40°. Fully automated (Remote Controlled) motorized retractable "Screen Shades System" provide sun protection, block up to 95% of UV Rays, block all type of insects from coming in, keep cool or worm in or out, can be used as screen for a projector TV. LifeRoom's unique Smooth Glide Motorized Screens can be raised or lowered for privacy, sun protection or to keep those pesky mosquitos and other insects away. Are bugs bugging you? LifeRoom can take care of that. Control avery thing with a touch of a button, Screen Shades, Mood Lights, LED Recessed Lights, Cool Breeze System. Shade screens are Fire Retardant "Class A" from IBC Sect. 903.1 and NFPA 101. Engineered to pass all building codes. ICC-ES Evaluated. Minimum Attachment height without cool breeze system is 96" ~ 99" depending on the projection. Minimum attachment height with cool breeze system is 104" ~ 108" depending on the projection. Maximum height is 12' as per IBC Building Codes.
Whether it's game night or movie night... LifeRoom gives the option of Home Theater with a projector TV. Bring the "Big Game" to life with an outdoor projection (Projection not included).